Eastern Soaring League Mission Statement

"Enhance the sport of radio controlled (R/C) thermal soaring through the establishment and maintenance of reasonable standards for contest operations"

The season runs from April to October and concludes with an End-of-Season contest organized by the ESL board.

Membership in the ESL is free and automatic when you enter an ESL-sanctioned contest. Members are organized in Sportsman and Expert classes.

At the end of the contest season awards are given to the top ten performers in Sportsman and Expert classes and to the individual whose performance has improved the most since the previous season.

ESL contests, while competitive and including some of the best pilots in the country, are characterized by good sportsmanship and a spirit of inclusion and coaching. If you are an R/C soaring pilot of any skill level, and you have the opportunity to attend an ESL contest, we encourage you to to enter and enjoy two days of competitive soaring fun.